Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Belated Positive Reviews

Here's a list of films I recommend seeing:

Girl Rising - documentary about the importance of education for girls in poorer countries and how girls give back to their communities

The Iceman - based on the life of mob hitman Richard Kuklinski.  It was a compelling film with some minor plot holes, but still captured my interest.

Attack - a film by a Lebanese director about a Palestinian man who is a successful doctor in Israel.  Everything is going great until he finds out that his wife was a suicide bomber.

Reluctant Fundamentalist - another terrorist film, only this one is about a man who is accused of being the mastermind of a terror cell, but he insists he's an innocent victim.  Is he telling the truth?

Kon Tiki - the true story of a group of men who (in 1947) set out to prove whether a balsa wood raft made it across the pacific in ancient times.  It well done, and I loved how they filmed it in English as well as in Dutch.

Disconnect - Some people didn't like this one, but I did.  I think it was poignant, and very relevant tale about how cyberspace is affecting our lives.

Angel's Share - I wasn't sure about it when it started out, but then it turned into a really fun film.  It's crime caper about an ex-con who tries to put his life back together when he devises a money making plan when he discovers a rare keg of whisky is to be auctioned in Scotland.


East - a film about eco-terrorists that was interesting, but had me scratching my head in parts.  An ex-FBi agent working for a private intelligence firm goes undercover in the eco-terrorist group, knowing she's going to be sneaking around in the dark, and yet she wears a hoodie with a white crocheted trim.  Ooookaay.

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